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A High-end watercolor project…

silk dress watercolor

Hello Everyone! 

I know, I’m terribly behind my posting schedule :( But I started a new project lately, which requires 150% of my time until February… But I could not keep myself away from the blog any longer and decided to share with you a project I finished right before my hectic work life began. 

As seen above, this time it is not the pattern (or our size 0 model’s mind-blowing posing skills) that shine out, but the fabric with amazing watercolor prints on…

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  • 09/2012
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What do I do? I try to get the best out of life...How did it all start? One day I decided that it is time for me to stop paying for clothes so much and make them myself. But the problem was, I had never sewn before in my life! So, I started following my inner voice... and youtube records... Since then, I sew whenever I can and defy the zillion dollar fashion industry in my own way :))
Sewing Your Style - Wardrobe
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