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Hmmm… Shiny! :)

Does anyone has extra foil lying around the kitchen drawers? You do not need to limit its use with the kitchen! See the dress I made? :))) 

No, of course I’m not serious! This is just another gorgeous fabric that I’ve bought… Couldn’t resist the shiny color, how could I ?!…

silver dress

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Any Questions?


Hi there, how are you? So happy I found your blog your stuff is awesome. I’m about to sew V1247 and I’m a new sewer and wondering if the skirt is true to the size. Thanks for your help.



It’s been some time since I made that skirt for myself. But as I remember it was true to the size. On the other hand, as a seamstress used to European patterns, I always tend to give hem allowance on all the patterns I cut, whether it’s a Vogue pattern or a BurdaStyle. My advice would be to give some hem allowance on the sides just to be safe. It’s a very easy and fun pattern to work with. I hope the result will turn out perfect for you. Happy sewing! :)

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What do I do? I try to get the best out of life...How did it all start? One day I decided that it is time for me to stop paying for clothes so much and make them myself. But the problem was, I had never sewn before in my life! So, I started following my inner voice... and youtube records... Since then, I sew whenever I can and defy the zillion dollar fashion industry in my own way :))
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