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An Hour to Sew Top and some hospital fashion... - sewing your style

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An Hour to Sew Top and some hospital fashion…

fashion design DIY sewing top black white

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I shared a sewing project with you :( Partly because of the heavy workload in the first week, and partly due to my 3-year-old man’s unexpected and unending sickness in the second week :( 

When things started to get back to normal at home, I rushed into doing the two things I enjoy doing most in life: sewing and blogging about it :))

So this week’s easy-to-sew project is again from BurdaStyle Magazine. It’s pattern no. 108 in its August issue - also sold on their website: link here.   It has a loose cut and very few details, allowing novice sewers to enjoy their tailoring skills and practice making a neat neckline facing. 

I’m not so sure about the back fitting of this blouse. It’s pattern’s fault, not mine - I promise :) If I had used even a slightly thicker fabric, this loose upper back would have looked disastrous. If you intend to use this pattern, just bear in mind to use soft and lightweight fabrics. 

The sleeves look like a thinner version of batwings - which I normally do not prefer. I must say that the length of armholes were just within the tolerable limits for my taste. 

When I was making the neckline facing, I wanted to go by the book this time and did not cheat, did not look for an easy trick etc… It felt really good to finish the neckline with a flawless sewing for a change :)) 

sewing blog how to sew neckline facing

I used a red button which I adored after finishing the top even though I can’t see it when I wear the blouse. I just love such details in my outfits :))

sewing blog neckline facing

So let me talk a little bit about the “hospital fashion” part of the post. When we couldn’t stop coughing and fever after 5 days, I had to take my little man to hospital couple of times this week. Being deprived of playground and friends for a week, my wee man became quite grumpy. 

So while we were waiting for the doctor, I had to make all sorts of entertainment in order to keep him happy. Finally, I figured out a way both to engage him and to help me catch up on my blog. Please find below, the most awesome fashion shoot by the youngest professional photographer :))

see you soon!


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