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Peplum Jacket completed! I'm having a huge ego boost moment! - sewing your style

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Peplum Jacket completed! I’m having a huge ego boost moment!

Peplum Jacket designer fashion design brown lining sew sewing style v8718 vogue

I’ve torn myself apart but finally finished it! Despite the few flaws in the lining, I managed to sew this jacket right :D

My sewing ego just boosted… Who’s gonna stop me now?! Would I be exaggerating a little if I aim New York Fashion Week for next year?…

v8718 Peplum Jacket designer fashion design brown lining sew sewing style vogue

I call this one a peplum jacket but the real deal is the sleeves! I actually bought this pattern from Vogue only because of the sleeves. 

I thought the original pattern has more volume in the sleeves than I would actually like; so I resized the sleeve patterns -both on the jacket and on the lining - before I started. I’m really lucky to get the look I wanted the first time ‘cause I never use muslin when I sew :) The ligthweight quality of the fabric also helped me in getting a rather sleek look on the sleeves.


                                       Pattern used: Vogue 8718

As I have mentioned in my previous post, this is another knock off pattern from Vogue. The original jacket was first designed by a high-end RTW brand Akris in 2010. For more information on the pattern and the sewing steps you can read: Akris Jacket on the way!

My second most favorite part of this pattern was the stand-up collar and the neckline. It is such a neat and elegant cut that you can easily use this jacket without wearing any top under it. The original sewing instructions tell you to make overstitching here, but I didn’t want to bring down the elegancy of the jacket by making an overstitching. Instead, I hand-stitched the lining (the “tearing myself apart” scenes I mentioned at the beginning of the post…)


The Peplums… It seems like we can’t get rid of this trend so let’s embrace it! I get a lot of blog traffic with “peplums for pear-shaped” searches. Of course it wouldn’t look flattering to wear puffy peplums as models with sizes half of my leg, but there are tricks to work around it and I believe anyone who likes this fashion can wear peplums.

While I was cutting the pattern, I first thought about making the peplums with 2 contrast colors and decided to show the lining at the front. 

(By the way, did you notice the method I found for keeping my little man busy while I’m sewing? This is a classic scene from my sewing time…)

Here’s the result: Honestly, it did not give the WOW effect I was aiming for. However, due to the busy details in other parts of the jacket, maybe having a moderate effect on the peplums is indeed a good thing. Else, the jacket may have looked quite busy and overworked… for an office wear at least.

On the other hand, maybe wearing a white skirt may also have tuned down the contrast peplum effect after all. It might be a better idea to wear navy blue skirt / pants under this jacket later on. Hmm…

But I cannot get separated from my beloved lace skirt that I sewed at the beginning of summer. Soon I will have to put it aside and wear thicker and darker clothes; so I must wear it as much as I can, shouldn’t I ? :P  

That’s all for my v8718 challenge!

By the way, if interested, go to my tutorial on how to make a Lace Skirt.

Happy sewing! 

Peplum Ceket tasarımcı moda tasarım design kahve astar dikiş blog kendin dik


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