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Check Out My DIY Wardrobe! - sewing your style

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Check Out My DIY Wardrobe!

              Sewing Your Style - DIY Wardrobe

Welcome to my DIY wardrobe! All the outfits presented below are made from scratch by myself and it’s been only 2 years since I learnt how to sew!  

If you also:

-have an eye on fashion and

-a little talent in holding scissors, threads and needles without hurting yourself (!)

Why don’t you start Sewing Your Style as well? :D


Just another red dress?!

No-pattern required Mini Sequin Skirt

DIY sequin mini skirt tutorial no pattern needed

An Excessively Purple Dress

Silver top

Easiest way to make a chic Tshirt Dress

DIY fashion tshirt dress tutorial

V8718 - Peplum Jacket

V2961 Flamingo Dress

v2961 vogue 2961 flamingo dress vintage pattern sewing fashion style 1950 50s dresses

Blue Galaxy Dress

roland mouret galaxy dress designer fashion DIY

Romantic Summer Dress -

design designer summer dress butterflies romantic sleveless DIY

M6460 - Polka Dotted Dress

m6460 mccall's designer dress fashion DIY

M6479- Trenchcoat Dress

m6479 trench coat dress designer fashion DIY

V1247 Skirt / Blouse

rachel comey designer skirt blouse fashion style DIY vogue 1247

B6582 - Black / White Retro Dress

b6582 butterick designer fashion style DIY retro madmen dress

Pop Art Jacket

pop art jacket burda design designer fashion style DIY

V1174 Floral Dress

v1174 vogue dress design designer fashion steffe style DIY floral dress

Simplicity 2614 Silk Blouse

simplicity 2614 silk blouse design designer fashion style DIY

Peter Pan Collar Blouse

peter pan collar sew along how to tutorial blouse style stylish fashion DIY

Tactics for “Pepluming” Dresses

peplum for pear shaped tutorial how to dress design fashion style DIY

Re-fashioning 1950’s halter dress

1950 halter dress burda fashion style DIY design

Coloring Up the Hems

pants design designer fashion style green DIY ideas

Collar Me Stylish

peter pan collar bias DIY fashion style

Blue Lace Dress

lace dress Burda style fashion DIY design

White Pencil Skirt with Inseam Pockets

white pencil skirt inseam pockets DIY free fashion design

Mini Lace Skirt

lace skirt mini tutorial how to DIY fashion style design

Simplicity 3833

simplicity 3833 retro 60's dress pattern fashion design 1960s

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What do I do? I try to get the best out of life...How did it all start? One day I decided that it is time for me to stop paying for clothes so much and make them myself. But the problem was, I had never sewn before in my life! So, I started following my inner voice... and youtube records... Since then, I sew whenever I can and defy the zillion dollar fashion industry in my own way :))
Sewing Your Style - Wardrobe
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