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PEPLUMS: A Misunderstood Loyal Friend of Pear Shaped Women!


I started liking the peplum trend more and more when I started spending more time on the Look Book I prepare for my sewing inspirations. 

Peplums - of all shapes and styles - do look gorgeous on skinny models and celebrities. But I am a little dubious about getting the same look with a size 10 and 5.3ft body!

peplum dresses

Yet again, I had an eye on this stylish peplum dresses for sometime and I simply cannot get them out of my mind before trying one for myself! I have a feeling that, if place them “strategically”, the peplums can provide a very flattering look for pear shaped women, too. Well… I have started sewing only by listening to that little inner chatty voice of mine, haven’t I?  :)

So I started searching for the right dress pattern to try out my first peplum attempt. BurdaStyle Magazine opened a contest with Philips Smart Iron in Turkey last month. I thought combining the two might be a good idea…

I had this sneaky suspicion that these nice ruffles may not look the same as they do on size 0 models… hmmm…. Plus, if I place the peplums directly on the waistband, I might look dwarf-like… Finally I decided to place the peplums with a little bias.

I chose the wrapped looked color-block dress from BurdaStyle Magazine issue 02/2012 pattern no. 117.

However, I had to make more alterations on this dress than usual ‘cause the triangular cut on the skirt front would be too deep to place peplums nicely. (more informations on sewing steps are here) then I started thinking about how to wrap the peplums… Here’s the result :D

peplum fashion for pear shaped

peplum fashion for pear shaped

After this tough winter, I cannot wait to get into spring / summer colors any longer. Thus I chose white for the top and a sweet yellow for the bottom of this dress. The fabric used was a very nice cotton - with a little lycra for the top and a thicker cotton for the bottom.  

A misunderstood loyal friend to pear-shaped?…

I think, if you place the peplums right at the start of the hips and cut right on or a little below the “curviest” part of the “pear” ;) and put them assymetrical,  you may end up getting a really nice look. What do you think? 

peplum fashion for pear shaped

Oh, and the stockings have floral prints …. very VERY important detail, not to be missed! :P 

peplums for pear shaped

So, this was my first peplum attempt. I loved the dress. I loved the colors. I hope Philips guys in Turkey would like them as well :) Wish me luck!

To learn more about the step-by-step sewing of this dress and to get more “tactics” on using the peplums wisely on your body, don’t forget to visit here before you leave!


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