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Watch and Learn Grasshopper - Insert Zippers to Lined Dresses

Learn How to Sew: Zippers

Hello Everyone! Isn’t it a fine day to learn how to insert zippers on dresses? :)

Do not forget: If you don’t want your clothes to look messy and home-made, you must pay special attention to details like this!

So, if you have trouble in sewing zippers  neatly, follow this tutorial and I’m sure you’ll perfect it immediately.

This tutorial shows how to insert zippers to lined dresses. The zipper used is a regular one. If you’d like to read about how to insert invisible zippers, go to this tutorial.

You have already made your mind about which pattern to sew and made your dress. You also assembled the interlining and your dress looks almost perfect! :)

Mine looks like this:

So you already lined the bodice and closed the facings. When you unfold the bodice it should look like this:

insert zippers to lined dress

1- Pin the zipper on the interlining so that it faces the wrong side (you’ll then turn it around and see that the fabric-ends of the zippers will be folded in between the bodice front and bodice lining)

2 - Now start sewing the zipper on the lining - Use a regular zipper foot.

So it should look like this on the other side once you stitch the zipper onto the lining:

3- Smart Sewing Tip: Once you stitch the zipper onto the fabric using a regular or a zipper foot, go over it just 1-2 millimeters closer to the zipper with an invisible zipper foot so that it looks much neater once it’s finished!

4 - Once you finish sewing the zipper to the lining, it is time for sewing it onto the bodice fabric. The zipper should be in-between the lining and fabric, faced inwards. The fabric end of the zipper should be on the outside. 

5 - Now stitch it onto the bodice by following steps 2 and 3. 

6 - Once it’s finished, it should look like this from backwards:

7 - Not finished! We have another side to stitch :)

8- Follow steps 2 and 3 once again. 

9 - Smart Sewing Tip: It is always tricky to sew the “head” of the zippers when you’re using a regular sewing machine. What I do to avoid crooked stitch lines is to sew it until the zipper foot hits the “head”, then open the zipper (push the “head” below”) and re-stitch the remaining end. 

10 - Aren’t the photos great?! I know you love me :P… OK, we’re done! The zipper should like this from the inside:

Once you close the zipper it looks like this. 

Would you like to see how this project ended? Go to this post - “Another Retro Mission is Over!”

Happy Sewing!

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